Our Mission

The Foundation’s mission has evolved over the 15 years of our existence to focus on providing financial assistance to individuals and families who find themselves in difficult situations not of their own doing, targeting giving where it is needed most and can do the greatest good at any given point in time.

We help people whose situations may not qualify for support from formal sources like state or federal aid and who might otherwise fall through the cracks of the system. The circumstances can be onetime events, medical, job related, family issues, etc. that have disrupted the course of life for a family that was perfectly normal the week before. The circumstances can also be a result of a broken family that is not getting regular support to meet their basic needs of food, shelter and education. In most of these cases the need has depleted savings and outlasted any other family support capabilities that were available.

We work through local school departments, shelter organizations and personal relationships to help identify families in need. Many times in the course of our busy lives things go unnoticed or unrecognized like the fact that when school ends in the summer we all look forward to having our kids at home and having fun. However many of us may not realize that the school lunch program that was perhaps for some the only substantial meal a child received each day, goes away. This is where the Foundation can and does help.

Your generosity has funded everything from rent, heat, food, medical care and winter clothing for families in need for whatever reason, to supporting many smaller organizations trying to help families physically or emotionally or in other ways. Such as Wigos for Kiddos, a group that provides wigs for children who are undergoing cancer treatments and need to feel a bit more normal. With our partners and friends just like you we have been able to help people who are willing and able to work but were unable to get there, procure transportation and give them the opportunity to provide for their families.

We are deeply indebted to you for your support and thank you for allowing the Foundation to fulfill our mission and to keep Jonathan’s spirit of giving alive.