Helping local families improve their lives

Although many of us face a variety of challenges in our lives, most of us have a secure home and loving family and friends to help us through difficult times. Some aren’t so lucky.

Often the children and families we help have lost their social connections, lost their income due to illness or death of a spouse or parent, are struggling with mounting bills and have little hope. Most times they find themselves in this position through no fault of their own and without a safety net. From time to time we all need that support from our friends and family, and we want to fill that role for those who have neither.

Why We Need Your Help

We all see it every day: there are more and more events to raise money for very worthy causes. With the uncertainties of the economic environment and continued rise in the cost of most essential services and goods, there is only a limited amount of money available for donations.

How We Use Your Donations

Your generosity allows us to provide the basic necessities that many people take for granted: a month’s rent, lifesaving medication, a nutritious meal, a hot shower, Christmas presents for children, warm clothing. Taken collectively, donations large & small enable the help the Foundation provides.