Helping others has a way of lifting our spirits. It brings us joy and a sense of well-being that is hard to describe; we know that feeling well.

“The interior joy we feel when we have done a good deed is the nourishment the soul requires.”

― Albert Schweitzer

The Foundation is able to assist those in need only through the goodness and generosity of others. While we normally think of those as our donor and participants who give money or goods to be auctioned, a large part of that goodness comes in the way of volunteers. Everyone associated with the Foundation is a volunteer. In order to run the events that raise the funds needed to meet the requests of those in need, we need lots of help, which translates to lots of volunteers. So, a big thank you for visiting this page and exploring our volunteer opportunities.

We have a wide variety of needs, depending on where we are in the planning and execution of our fundraising campaigns. We understand that time is in short supply for everyone and thus have opportunities that require as little as a two hour commitment, such as raffle ticket sales. For those with an interest to become involved on a longer term basis, consider committee membership for the various groups and sub-groups that are formed for each major fund raising event.

All current volunteer opportunities are available below for viewing and registration. Our calendar allows you to easily identify opportunities by date. Once you find something of interest, click on it to register. Check back often as the calendar is continuously updated.

Scheduled Opportunities

Flex Opportunities

Many of our opportunities are unscheduled — we have need of volunteers that can help with items that always need doing, but don’t have to happen on a specific day.