Community Needs

Reaching out to the communities that support us is a very important part of the Foundation’s mission.

There are needs that are not specific to any individual but improve the general welfare of the community that we are in a position to help resolve. These opportunities can come to us from the administration or guidance departments of the many south shore schools. Perhaps there is an opportunity to improve facilities that are used by groups of children or adults that have not and will not get the funding or attention they need to be functional. Occasionally an opportunity that evolves from a single thought by someone in the community that we are able to help establish and nourish and it becomes a physical and emotional refuge for the community.

This was the case with the Children’s Garden of Peace, an idea that developed after we went to the Opening Ceremony for the Garden of Peace in Boston. That idea has evolved into something bigger that provides comfort to many people in several surrounding communities. There have been many other opportunities for the Foundation to make a difference in a community, some of those are here, that have only been possible through your support.

Winter Coat Drive

Every fall the Foundation donates new coats to a few local elementary schools. The families are primarily all below poverty level. To see the smiles of these children when they pick out a new coat is priceless. Typically, coats are bought at the end of the winter season, during the sales, for the following year delivery. Please watch for updates on our Fall 2017 Coat Drive and visit the donate page to participate.

Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets

The Foundation works with the local school counselors every fall to identify families who do not have the money or the benefit of a family to celebrate Thanksgiving properly. We work with local supermarkets to provide gift cards redeemable for one Thanksgiving dinner basket with all the ingredients necessary for a family to experience that feeling we all love. We have heard from them that it is unexpected and truly makes them thankful for what they do have in spite of what they don’t. The number of families varies each year but has been as high as 50 at any one time.

Christmas Toys

Once again through our contacts at the school systems, we identify families with children who don’t have enough money or other resources for their children to celebrate the joy of getting a present or two on Christmas morning. While some might say that this is not a necessity for survival, we firmly believe that it is a necessity for the children to feel that their lives are more normal for at least that time of the year.